Meetings: Reykjavik in 2005 and Copenhagen in 2006.

A start-up meeting was held in Reykjavik on April 4-5th 2005 and the goal of the meeting was to establish a Nordic information and communication networknordic_meeting_group_photo regarding safety of seafood products and utilization of the resources from the sea.

This project can be regarded as the next step after the Nordic project “Monitoring av innholdsstoffer (nŠringsstoffer og fremmedstoffer) i konsumfisk og industrifisk i de nordiske landene”, funded by Nordisk Ministerrňd (NMR) 2003.

Report from the meeting is available here.

A list of participants is here


A 2nd meeting was held in Copenhagen a year later, on April 21st 2006, with the purWorkshop Copenhagenpose of evaluating the progress of the project.

Some of the most important decisions reached at the meeting were focused on the Seafoodnet - website, how to improve it and make it as efficient as possible.

A report, including presentations from members of the project was later published. Read 






A list of the original participants in the




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